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Sunday, 2 March 2014

How to do the Marley hair bun

To make a bun, you will need a hair ruffle, a weave and a bobby pin.
Its really easy, first wrap the weave around the hair ruffle and pin it to make it firm and you have your hair bun

Thursday, 27 February 2014

My Marley Updo

For this look, you'll be needing the following:
1. Bobby pins
2. Kinky braids.
3. Olive oil or any hair oil.
4. Leave-in Conditioner
5. Hair ruffle.

First I rubbed my hair oil and leave-in, then I combed my hair out and divided into 2 parts.Then i pack one side and clip the upper part to prevent it from disturbing me.

Next i create a bun by wraping a bit of my marley hair around a hair ruffle,afterwards,i attach it to my hair n pin it. Bobby pins are very important in creating this look.

Afterwards I took the marley hair and wove It like you can see in the picture above and i made a hump, next i added more marley weave to the tip to make it long enough to go round my hair.
I wrapped my hair around It instead of weaving like i did on the left side, this pattern is for those who cant weave by themselves.You take your hair right over the weave and pin it till it goes round completely and then you tuck the extra weave on any of the sides.

Wednesday, 26 February 2014

Hello people...I hope you're having a lovely week.Scarlet is back and I am so excited to be blogging again.A few things have changed, Scarlet has enlarged its territory,there will be lovely posts on everything about beauty,especially hair.Scarlet is a proud member of the Natural Hair Movement.I cut my hair in January last year,decided to go natural and I can't get enough of it, so I decided to blog about it.If you are part of us then get ready for all the best tips on how to take care of your hair,how to style it and many more....

Friday, 21 September 2012

Friday With Scarlet

How I love fridays even if I dont have a white collar job lol,I had so much fun with my friend today,two girls running around wearing scarlet designs.....dont I just love it when my friends rock my stuff...

Pink skirt and scarf from the House of Scarlet,shez feeling her swag alright........
Proud African,looking African....dont know if that's a nice line but i love it so dont hate...i am not a rap artist lol
We got the same sandals on...yippeeeeee!!!!!
I am just going to say that its a lovely thing to have half of me present in this picture
I am Scarletz Boss and i will swag you up.......xoxo

Infected by Ankara Fever

Hello readers,its friday and I hope you have plans to rock your weekend because i do.I am so sorry i've been missing in action I had so much work to do.Currently working on my T-shirt and denim line and its a whole lot of trouble pulling this off but I am up to the task thank God.Scarlet is going to rock your world soon so readers get ready for what's coming up from the House of Scarlet.Today I have pictures of ankara asccessories made by me,and I have a special fellow modelling for me,wait till you see her.....
                                    Woodin Clutch Purse
                             Ankara purse,neckpiece and bracelet made by me.
                           And that's me rocking my badass handwork
                            Ankara Neckpiece...nw this one in particular is no joke,it takes time,energy and patience.

                            Beautify those hands ladies.

                   And modelling for Aunty is the special one...isnt she cute??!!!....
                           This pretty laced up purse is also my handwork.......
And now a sneakpeak......sharing a picture of my denim hoodie,more designs coming up soon...

If you need to contact me,send an email to scarletactivated@gmail.com.....mwaaaaahhhh have a nice weekend.

Monday, 13 August 2012

Recycled Jeans

I got a couple of jeans I was going to dump,and I am thinking why throw them away when I can create something out of it,so I decided to recycle them and take a look at what I came up with.

I cut this one and made it into a turn up,and that's me rocking it.
This one I decided to cut and put in pieces of our african fabric,I even tried to make out a love shape at the back.I really like this one though and I will post a picture whenever I go out with it.

    This is my best edited shorts,I cut the real pockets out and replaced it with ankara and let the pockets pop out.I also made a matching bangle to complete the look.

 So get busy with those jean or pant trousers you want to dump because they can be recycled into a fashion statement.Watch out for my next post I will be showing you pictures of ankara accessories made by me.Cheers!!!

Tuesday, 7 August 2012

The Kitchen And The Body

Sugar,eggs,strawberries,pineapples,honey and the matchbook,these items are not just for consumption and striking the match stick they got awesome abilities too,check this out.
Put half a teaspoon of sugar and a small amount of water on a toothbrush and scrub your lips,trust me that gives you Soft,Smooth and Kissable lips.

Break two eggs in a bowl,spread on
your face and allow to dry,rinse off and you have an instant face-lift.

Broken nail,cant find your nail file,use the strike strip on your matchbook that should do the trick.
Natural honey dislodges impurities and unclogs pores,so wake up on a saturday morning and slather on your face.
Strawberries and pineapples help lighten stains caused by dark foods and red wine.

Tuesday, 24 July 2012

its a Guy Thing

Its Team YBG(YOUNG,BLACK and GIFTED)Yes i'm a huge fan of young people who find their direction on time and so i give you two young designers doing their own thing and completely repping #YBG.Date Designs and Signature couture feed your eyes....

Follow on twitter @DateDesigns and check out the website www.datedesignclothing.com
Follow on twitter @signature9ja, www.signaturecouture.com Have a good day